Our governance arrangements are regularly reviewed and updated in line with the latest policy guidance. These arrangements will continue to evolve alongside the collaboration.

Since being established in 2020, we have:

  • Selected a permanent Chair of the Programme Board, Sir David Nicholson.
  • Established a repositioned Collaborative Board (currently a ‘Committee in Common’)
  • Established a new Collaborative Executive, chaired by the Provider Collaborative SRO Diane Wake
  • Established a new Clinical Leads Group, chaired by the Provider Collaborative CMO Dr Jonathan Odum

‘Terms of Reference’ have also been developed for these new arrangements and are reviewed and refined frequently as our system matures.

You can also see an overview of our current working Governance arrangements.

More recently, the Black Country Provider Collaborative (BCPC) has developed and established a working vision statement together with some goals which we have aligned an initial ambitious set of priorities for progression, as we seek to make improvements across the areas of access, quality, and system resilience & transformation.

A strong focus for the BCPC is centred on inclusion and partnership working, where we seek to build trust & relationships, and make strides to changing the long-embedded culture of competition.

The BCPC will continue to work closely with the Integrated Care Board (ICB) to discuss further delegations and the next steps.