Corporate Improvement Programme

Through our Corporate Improvement Programme, the Black Country Provider Collaborative aim to review and identify opportunities for productivity and efficiency across a number of key functions.

Corporate Improvement Programme

These functions include:

  • Data, Digital and Technology
  • Estates and Facilities Management
  • Finance
  • Governance (and Risk)
  • Human Resources, Organisational Development and Workforce
  • Legal Services
  • Payroll
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Education Transformation

This is driven by a requirement from the 2022/23 Operational Planning Guidance and draft revenue finance guidance which stated:

Systems should develop a plan for corporate services transformation and, where appropriate, consolidation.

This work programme has identified a Senior Responsible Officer and is supported by the Head of Project Management Office in developing and establishing a programme of functional reviews.

The identified Responsible Officers are actively working with peers to complete the ‘Target Operating Model’ (TOM) assessment template identifying a vision and options appraisal for their respective corporate function.

These will be reviewed and shared soon.