Our Goals

Currently, the Black Country Provider Collaborative (BCPC) is pursuing the development and delivery of multiple programmes of work, which include our:

  1. Clinical Improvement Programme Report
  2. Corporate Improvement Programme
  3. System Improvement / transformation priorities

Our Goals

Our primary focus to date has been centred on establishing a Clinical Improvement Programme which has been driven by a sense of health inequalities and inequity, poor cancer outcomes, and a range of surgical specialties for whom access had deteriorated significantly.

Together, our goals are to transform services by:

  • Improving access – through recovery and restoration with a strong focus on delivering the elective care backlog
  • Improving Quality – focus on better equity and reduction of health inequalities through standardisation of care and reduction of unwarranted variance across the Black Country
  • System resilience and transformation – exploring new models of care seeking opportunities to organise services across the Black Country system for better access, patient experience and improved health outcomes, whilst enhancing workforce recruitment and resilience.

Our goals (and priorities) will be reviewed annually in line with policy guidance from NHSE and our ICB.